Today’s post : Bridal makeup step by step, Diana Hirsch Creative Photography!!

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while without posting anything , did you miss me? I did missed you all 🙂

Summer season has been very busy  but I have to say that it has been amazing, and that  I’m so gratefull for every single day, every single bride that I had the pleasure to do and all the people that I met.

Today I’m going to present you to a very dynamic person,  Diana Hirsch, an amazing photographer.

She’s not a basic Photographer, as she also does Creative Photography for weddings, family, couples and more, do you still looking for photographer on your wedding? feel free to check her website

Diana and I have been working together at several occasions but the pictures you’ll see today have been taken during our first meeting

We did a wedding together in one of the most beautifull village in Mallorca: Fornalutx!

If you dont know this place you don’t know what you’re missing, it”s a must see !!

Here”s an insight on how I did the Make-up on my bride on her wedding day:

After mostruraize and primer the skin I apply concealer and then fundation:


Set with Powder and start whit the eyes to apply the shadows:



Blend it well , after that I do the eyebrows and then  eye liner:



Now it’s time for the eyelashes, you won’t even notice you’re wearing them but you wil look amazing.



We’re almost done:  apply  bronzer, blush and highligther and as a final touch the lips:



Set with setting spray and it will stay during the whole event!

Here is the bride with the final look.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I will see you soon on my next post!!!

If you like to know what products I used to recreate  this look feel free to ask by putting a comment below.



Thanks Linda & Philip for letting me be part of your wedding, I wish you all the happiness in the world.




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