Today’s Wedding Venue : Mood Beach Club in Portals

Hello Everybody!

Today I’m proud to present you one of my favorites Wedding Venue on the Island of Mallorca : Mood Beach Club. As you can see on the pictures, it’s a dream place to celebrate any kind of events, corporate, private or public, it really doesn’t matter, anything is possible there!

I’ve been working there for few brides, and I can tell you that they all have been amazed by the quality of the service and the beauty of the place. When you see a place like this, your first thought could be « It’s gonna be super expensive » but really, it’s not the case. For any type of events, you can contact Vicki McLeod or Selena Garfield, two very Professional women in charge of the Events and Public Relations at Mood, or if you’re in the area, just come and say « Hi! », I can guarantee that you will get a warm welcome from the whole team!

Vicki is also a famous blogger in Mallorca, she writes stories about all kind of people living on the island, you can check her great work here. 

Every year, Vicki organise an event at Mood to celebrate the International Women’s Day. I was there last year to be part of that important date, to make my model Marine and any other ladies some great Hairstyles and Make-up, boosting their self-confidence and just making them happy too. You can see some pictures of last year event on this post as well.
I have to say that I had a great time, I created both Professionals & Friendship contacts that day, and I couldn’t wait to do it again!

Well, it looks like Vicki heard me, because they announced this week that Mood Beach would held a new edition of the Intenational Women’s Day on the 7th of March (now called International People’s Day, because the theme of this year is Equality!), all I can say is : if you want to discover Mood Beach, you better not miss that day!

You can get your tickets here.

You can also contact Angela at this number : +34 971 676 456 or send an email.

Lunch is included in the Ticket price! Have a great day Ladies, and see you at Mood Beach!

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