Bridal Makeup

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Such an important day requires extra attention to all the details and I look forward to being a part of it!

My priority is to offer a high-quality service, tailored to your needs, as well as a friendly face to help calm the nerves on your special day!

As your private & personal makeup artist, I will work with you to ensure that your vision becomes a reality. Whether you prefer a look that is soft and romantic or sophisticated and elegant, it is my goal to capture your personal style and enhance your natural beauty.

A trial is highly recommended so that we can discuss your ideas and create the perfect look. This alleviates any last minute stress and guarantees that we have the same beautiful look in mind.

Bridal Hairstyle

Your hair says so much about you. On your wedding day, you want your hair to be truly special.

Every service begins with a consultation and a bridal preview, allowing myself to work with you to understand the desired look based on your special occasion. We then work together to create that special hair style, ensuring that you feel confident and beautiful every step of the way.

Let me help you create a wedding hair style that you will truly love – one that is ready for photos and will highlight your smile.

Bridal Advice

You are the most important person on your wedding day. Your special day is all about showing off your confident and happy self. But behind that confident self is a careful amount of planning and support to ensure that your wedding day is special.

Part of that planning involves beauty services. Services like:

Makeup,Hair,Nails, and More

You have so many different things to worry about for your wedding day, and it helps to know that your makeup, hair, and other bridal beauty needs will planned and ready. I´ll make sure your special day is covered with my bridal beauty planning session services – everything you need to make sure that you are ready for your final look on your wedding day.

Bridesmaids & Guest Makeup

Bridesmaids play a very important role in weddings. They complement the bride and look so radiant that all the eyes are on them. Usually, all the bridesmaids wear the similar dresses, and also wear the same kind of makeup, as well.

Ask most bridesmaids what look they want and nine times out of ten they’ll say “natural”, Everyone wants something that brings out their features without looking too obvious – although, the main aim is for the make-up to show up in the pictures and on the wedding video.

Bridesmaids & Guest Hairstyle

If you would also like hair styles for your entire wedding party, let me know. I can also bring in other hair stylists if needed that are all trained and vetted in expert bridal party hair styles.

Shootings – Editorials – Events

As a MUA, hair stylists, and beauty consultant, I´m available to assist with any type of special event, including large corporate gatherings, red carpets, and more.

Been working as a Makeup artist and Hairstylist for few years, I have developed a reputation for my outstanding work and commitment to client satisfaction. I provide everything from party makeup services to executive presentation makeup for all types of faces, looks, and beauty needs.

Frequent questions

When I should book?

Quickly is the honest answer! Dates are available one minute and gone the next, so don’t delay if you are really keen and just book a trial. You have my word, you won’t be disappointed! 

When should I have my trial? And what information do I need?

– Ideally within a few months when you have your dress and accessories, etc.
– If you intend to use tan, it might be no harm to have it on for the trial.
– Try to wear a white vest top.
– Also bring photos of make up looks you like, pics of your dress, etc.
– Enjoy it!

How long will my trial take?

Usually around 1.5 hrs, maybe 2hrs, depending on how many looks, etc.

Should I book my trial in advance?

YES! And we will do our best to accommodate.

Can I bring someone along even if they are not having a trial?

Of course you can! Ideally only one other person so we can make the focus on YOU!

Where / When will the trial take place?

Trial always takes place at the studio. Directions are on the contact page on the website (We are on Google Maps under ‘Laura Gisbert Hair & Makeup)

What if I have to cancel my trial?

Don’t worry, these things happen. Occasionally, we may have to reschedule too, it happens!

What products do you use?

I have a full variety of skincare and foundation, Estee Lauder foundations, HD Make Up Forever, Amani foundations, MAC eyeshadows, liners, and blushers, etc., and some Urban Decay shadows, Inglot shadows, Charlotte Tilbury, etc. It all depends on clients skin type & requirements.

Can I use my own foundation or other products?

Mostly yes, although I discuss this with you directly.I want all of my clients to skip off happy so it’s in my best interest to accomodate wherever possible. One foundation that I love so far is Make Up Forever HD, as it’s just looks amazing on bridal photographs.

What if I can’t make your wedding?

As with every single one of us, we can all get sick. It happens, but thankfully incredibly rarely. Rest assured because I always have a plan B and you will be well looked after by a credible artist who will be briefed fully with products and pictures.

Where can I see the other artists work?

You’ll find my work on the main gallery above, however if I have to bring another makeup artist on the date, I´ll provide you the link to her work.